Expert Develops 3-Step Program to Halt: Bullying and Bullycide

Gabriella van Rij

Meet Gabriella van Rij International Activist, Advocate and Author of “With All My Might” and “I Can Find My Might” As a frail brown-skin child adopted from a Pakistani orphanage struggling for acceptance in an all-white European school, international activist and author Gabriella van Rij learned at an early age what it’s like growing up…

Fahrney Scholarship Applications Available Now!


Scholarship application forms are now available for the Fahrney Education Foundation Scholarship Program. This year, 86 students received $215,000 in scholarships.  In the thirty-three years of the existence of the Fahrney Education Foundation Scholarship, 1,142 students have been recipients of 2,965 scholarships totaling $5,576,000. The scholarship fund was established by the trust estate of Helen…